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About Kim and Meadowbrook Massage


About Kim:

As she embarks on the journey of starting her own family Kim also seeks to enhance family health and relationships in her community through massage therapy. She is passionate about the healing power of touch and its link to the mind, body and spirit. She finds peace and happiness in helping others to relax, rejuvenate and discover their self-healing strengths. She addresses the body, mind and spirit in each massage and supports her clients in finding their own relationship with these aspects of themselves.

Each massage Kim gives is tailored to her client's unique needs for that session.

Her training includes:

  • Integrative,
  • Swedish,
  • Deep tissue, Neuromuscular, Normalization of Soft Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy,
  • Prenatal (including high-risk), Postpartum and infant massage.

Kim uses her intuitive sense and input from her clients to develop a massage that fits her clients unique needs for each session. For this reason she does not offer a menu selection of massage styles as many spas do, but instead charges the same rate for each type of massage.

Kim is a graduate of Boulder College of Massage Therapy with over 1000 hours of study in massage therapy under the guidance of some of the leading massage therapists in the country. She is a nationally certified therapist in massage and bodywork (NCTMB) and is a registered massage therapist in the State of Colorado (RMT). Kim is also a certified therapist in Prenatal, Labor and Postpartum massage and has the skills and training necessary to work with both normal and high-risk pregnancies. Kim does not limit her services to these populations, however, because she believes that massage is beneficial for people of all ages.

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